Dental Overview

Medtronic offers two competitive dental plan options, both administered by Delta Dental: the Basic Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.

For both the Basic and Comprehensive Plan, preventive care — such as dental checkups — is covered at 100%. You pay a percentage (coinsurance) for basic procedures covered by the plan, such as fillings.

Dental Plan Details

The main difference between the Basic Plan and the Comprehensive Plan is the calendar year maximum, and that major procedures and orthodontia are only covered under the Comprehensive Plan. Here are dental coverage highlights:

 Basic PlanComprehensive Plan
Deductible$50 per person$50 per person
Diagnostic/Preventive Care100% covered by Plan100% covered by Plan
Basic Procedures20% coinsurance20% coinsurance
Major ProceduresNo coverage50% coinsurance
OrthodontiaNo coverage50% coinsurance; lifetime maximum of $2,250 per person
Calendar Year Maximum$1,500 per person$3,000 per person
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