Healthier Together

Healthier Together is our global well-being program that offers you and your covered spouse access to resources for physical, emotional, social and financial well-being. With Healthier Together you’ll find it even easier to make healthy decisions like moving more, eating well, getting enough sleep, and finding time for relaxation. You can participate in personalized activities that allow you to be engaged year-round, track progress and success, create a supportive social network, and earn rewards.

Earn points for your daily movement automatically throughout the year by syncing your fitness tracking device or apps to the platform. The Virgin Pulse app and website provide a simply engaging path toward achieving your personal well-being goals.

It’s up to you to choose how to engage with the program year-round. You can choose activities and get involved in ways that meet your individual wellness goals.

Who Can Participate

Healthier Together is available at no cost to all Medtronic employees as well as spouses* who are covered by the Medtronic Medical Plan.

The program is designed to be very simple to use: 1 – Register, 2 – Take Action, 3 – Earn Points, — it's really that easy to achieve your personal goals and begin improving your health and well-being.

*Domestic partners covered by a medical plan as of December 31, 2015 are eligible for the wellness program.


Enrolling in Healthier Together is simple, and can be completed at work or at home. Log on to Healthier Together and click "Employee Log In" (use your Medtronic username and password). You will be directed to the Healthier Together platform registration page, where you can access wellness activities and program details. Spouses can also register by clicking "Spouse Log In" and following the instructions provided.

Please note that you must register on the Healthier Together site before you can start earning your rewards.

Take Action

​It's easy to take action with all of the tools and resources available through Healthier Together. Resources related to physical, emotional, social and financial well-being are designed to engage you in activities to improve and maintain you and your family's health and well-being. It's up to you to decide how you'll participate in wellness challenges and programs, well-being activities, and onsite support.

Earn Points

When you engage in Healthier Together program activities, you'll earn points to reward your efforts! To achieve each level within Healthier Together, you earn points by completing different activities such as tracking your steps, sleep or eating habits, receiving preventive screenings, joining company-sponsored challenges, or engaging in learning opportunities. Once you earn enough points to achieve a level, you'll also earn Recognize points.

Employees can earn up to 50 Recognize points and when your covered spouse participates they can help you earn up to 25 Recognize points per year. Points will be deposited into your (the employee's) Recognize account on a weekly basis after activities are completed. You can redeem Recognize points for a variety of items — from books to apparel to sporting equipment and electronics — depending on the number of points you have earned.


Healthier Together is providing additional resources, new ways to earn, and more opportunities to join your colleagues to be healthier, together. When you participate in the Healthier Together program and go above and beyond Level 4 in 2019, you’ll be entered into drawings to win:

Quarterly Drawings

Achieve levels for entries into quarterly drawings for 250 winners to receive 40 Recognize points.

Grand prize travel package

Keep flying high for the chance to win a grand prize travel package, which includes a trip for you and a guest to a destination determined by your location. Medtronic will randomly select one grand-prize winner in December.

Free medical premiums for 2020

In December, lucky winners will earn free medical premiums in 2020*. That means Medtronic will pay the full cost of next year’s medical coverage for ten employees from the U.S. and three employees from Puerto Rico, plus any enrolled family members.

100K Club

Earn 100,000 or more Healthier Together reward points to be entered in a drawing where 10 winners will receive free medical premiums* in 2020.

Covered spouses can help you earn an additional 25 Recognize points per year (by completing Level 2) and can also help you earn additional entries for the quarterly drawings as they achieve each level.

Note: only Medtronic employees are eligible to win Healthier Together Above and Beyond prizes.

* The free medical premiums will be based on the medical plan elected during the open enrollment period and does not include the spouse surcharge, if applicable.

Recognize Points

The choice is yours when it comes to how and when you earn your Recognize points. What's more, most activities will automatically be recorded to your account … making it easier than ever to earn points! A list of activities available can be found on

Points earned will be visible in your Rewards section on the Healthier Together site. Recognize points will be deposited in employee accounts weekly. To start shopping/use your points, visit the Recognize web site.

Frequent Fitness Program

If you're covered by a Medtronic Medical Plan* and visit a participating health club at least 12 times a month, you can save $20 per month on club membership fees through the Frequent Fitness Program. One additional covered family member (age 18 or older) can earn the $20 savings as well. For legacy Covidien employees, the Frequent Fitness Program replaced any current local, onsite fitness center reimbursement programs.

*Note: The Kaiser HMO Plan is not included.

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