Tuition Reimbursement

The Medtronic Tuition Reimbursement Policy offers financial assistance as well as advisory services to help encourage employees to pursue formal education that aligns with business needs and career advancement.

You can receive reimbursement for 100% of tuition costs up to annual maximum of $3,000 for undergraduate coursework and $5,250 for graduate coursework. The program also offers advising services and tuition discounts at certain schools.

To be eligible for tuition reimbursement, your coursework must be related to Medtronic’s business needs and:

  • Develop your overall skillset related to your role at Medtronic, or prepare you for future career changes with Medtronic;
  • Award college credit for each course (as opposed to continuing education units);
  • Be completed at an accredited U.S. college, university or technical school; and
  • Result in an associate, undergraduate or graduate degree.

If you are interested in furthering your education, review the policy details on the Medtronic Policy Portal, and contact your Manager to learn more.

Scholarship Program

Medtronic established the Scholarship Program to offer additional financial assistance to employees’ children as they pursue post-secondary education, such as college or vocational programs. Scholarships are awarded each year to children with parents working in the U.S. or Puerto Rico with awards valued between $500 and $1,500.

Who’s Eligible?

Students are eligible if they are the child of a U.S. or Puerto Rico-based employee who:

  • Is scheduled as an active, regular employee working 20+ hours per week, or
  • Is the child of a former Medtronic employee who died while employed with Medtronic.

Applicants must complete the online application through Scholarship America. You’ll also be required to upload additional documentation, including your child’s high school transcript, and a completed Applicant Appraisal Form, which can be found on the scholarship website.

Note: The application period is held each year from mid-January through mid-March.

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