Putting your heart both into your work and your family shouldn’t be a trade-off. So when life happens, Medtronic offers you the flexibility and balance to put family first and focus on what’s most important. Last year we introduced Family Care Leave, which allows you to take up to six weeks away from work at 100% pay for a range of family situations.

Since we’ve launched Family Care Leave, many of you have taken advantage of this supportive benefit to care and be present for your families, when needed. We are always eager to hear your stories on how Family Care Leave has made an impact on your life.

Watch Michele’s story on how Family Care Leave allowed her to be there for her husband when he was terminally ill.

Not familiar with Family Care Leave?

Here’s an at-a-glance summary:

  • Allows up to six weeks of paid leave
  • Provides 100% base pay for regularly scheduled hours. If you earn commission, you will receive commission payments
  • Covers a range of family leave needs — bond with a new child, care for elderly parents or an immediate family member who is ill, or provide care when a family member is called to active military duty
  • Offers flexibility to take two separate leaves, up to six weeks total, over a 24-month period

Plus, expectant mothers or covered spouses who complete the Healthy Pregnancy Program through the Medtronic Medical Plan will be offered an additional two weeks of paid parental time off. If you are adopting a child or using a surrogate, you are also eligible for two weeks of paid parental time off, provided as an alternative to the Healthy Pregnancy Program.

Think you might need to take Family Care Leave?

Start with the ALEX: Leave of Absence module and this flyer for all the details about taking a leave.

Family Care Leave. It’s another way Medtronic invests in your personal growth and overall well-being — and makes it possible for employees to have Careers That Change Lives.